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Introduction in English

Copenhagen Urban Network

The Copenhagen Urban Network is a Danish member assosiation and a professional network relevant to people interested in the building and development of cities.

The Copenhagen Urban Network:

• is a social and professional organisation
• discusses and initiates new ideas
• develops and renews Copenhagen
• encourages a mutual understanding of the problems we face
• highlights various themes in Copenhagen

The organisation was established in 1995 by people from the building and renovation industry. Since then, our membership has steadily increased and today includes building professionals, lawyers, artists, organisations and marketing companies as well as students.

Copenhagen Urban Network is managed by Henriette Sofie Larsen who is in charge of the daily operations and employs 2 staff members.

Copenhagen has more than 1 million inhabitants and the interaction between citizens, facilities and habitant is a continuous development. The building industry is a major part of this and we seek inspiration through the network.

The Copenhagen Urban Network brings together all parties of the building industry across interests and disciplines, as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. It is important for a healthy industry that we understand each other across our disciplines.

Members of the network gain new business relationships, as well as a better understanding of the problems we face in the different areas of the building industry. We arrange the events as collaborations between the Urban Network staff and the members, always ensuring that relevant parts, within the network, get a chance to share their knowledge and experience of working on the projects we visit.

The network promotes common interests and encourages initiatives spanning from architecture and craftsmanship, to legislative issues that will lead to positive urban development and renewal in Copenhagen. In the past couple of years we have promoted the sustainable issue, in order to gain knowledge of all aspects of the developments and the effects the overall focus on sustainability has on the building industry.

Members of the network meet at professional, social, and cultural events. Our members' expertise and our collaboration with other network organisations enables us to arrange special debates and excursions, as well as other events where we share knowledge and gain new experiences.

We go on study trips - international and around Denmark  - once or twice a year, to get access to foreign professionals and put Copenhagen in an international context. Every year we organise around 50 meetings and events.

Contact details
Whether you need information, have questions regarding membership, an idea for the network or a general inquiry please contact Manager, Henriette Sofie Larsen on mail: or phone: +45 23344601. 


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