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WORKSHOP June 13th: How might we drive the renewable energy transition in cities?

Udgivet d. 24. maj 2022

Megacities are on the rise. How do we ensure the energy supply for growing urban populations, and drive the transition to infrastructure based on renewable energy at the samt time?

On behalf on the _by Design community, you are invited to take a walk through a city like Copenhagen in 2040 an explore the energy sector's touchpoints with future needs.

You will get a sneek peek into what it can mean for your business, delivering or managing energy in a city based on renewable energy.

The _by Design community is an initiative by the partners; 1508, Monstar-Lab,m KPMG and EGGS Design. Apart from contributing to exploring solutions, you can expect to connect with, learn from and get inspired by others working towards a succesful energy transition.

_by Design workshop event
June 13th
3 pm - 7 pm

EGGS Design 
ST. Kongensgade 59D
1264 Kbh K


15-16 Keynotes
16-18 Workshops
18-19 Food and presentations

If you're interested in participating, please contact Mikkel Rohde Madsen to secure you spot.

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